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2020 Plattekill - Jesse-Liam-Lenny-Bob


Watchung Amateur Ski Club
Est. 1938


As our name implies, we are amateurs, but by “amateur,” our founders meant people who love or are greatly interested in something. For us, that “something” is being on the mountain, and the wonderful camaraderie that seems to just happen whenever winter sport enthusiasts gather together.

We are a diverse, enthusiastic group with a common devotion to hitting the slopes with our skis and snowboards. We have members at every level from beginners to experts. Each season, we organize day trips to local ski areas in New York and Pennsylvania, and weekend and extended trips to New England. Once a year, we travel out West for a week of  spectacular skiing.

We meet almost every Thursday (September through April, except Thanksgiving or if indicated on our calendar) for regular business meetings and relaxed social events like themed dinners, parties, and barbecues. Off-season, we bike, hike, kayak, canoe, go whitewater rafting, take river cruises and gather at restaurants for group dinners.

Come join us--we are a welcoming, inclusive, family-friendly club!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events